what is your nature?

who are you?

can you feel it?

have you lost it?

if you feel attracted i’d love to share the tools that helped me personally to find my full nature again.


breathing technics

shamanic healing

sound experiences

vision quest

soul talks

and last but not least

inner silence

emptiness in the mind


weekly sessions:

personal coaching

supportive / transforming / renewing / liberating in challenging times

permanent sessions:

walk and talk /  you have questions, we talk

talking, breathing, laughing, 90 min.  send me an email

please ask for prices and more information to the content and the exactly times.
language is in german and english.
unterrichtsinhalte in deutsch und englisch.

looking forward to meet you.
feel free to get in touch.

oliver veitinger

+49 (0) 171 17 31 688
82229 hechendorf

follow the silence